EasyGUI  Version v1.0

Port functions for threads. More...


uint8_t gui_sys_thread_create (gui_sys_thread_t *t, const char *name, gui_sys_thread_fn thread_fn, void *const arg, size_t stack_size, gui_sys_thread_prio_t prio)
 Create a new thread. More...

Detailed Description

Port functions for threads.

Function Documentation

◆ gui_sys_thread_create()

uint8_t gui_sys_thread_create ( gui_sys_thread_t *  t,
const char *  name,
void(*)(void *)  thread_func,
void *const  arg,
size_t  stack_size,
gui_sys_thread_prio_t  prio 

Create a new thread.

This function is required with OS
[out]tPointer to thread identifier if create was successful
[in]nameName of a new thread
[in]thread_funcThread function to use as thread body
[in]argThread function argument
[in]stack_sizeSize of thread stack in uints of bytes. If set to 0, reserve default stack size
[in]prioThread priority
1 on success, 0 otherwise