EasyGUI  v0.1
Platform independent GUI Library
GUI_t Struct Reference

GUI main object structure. More...

#include <gui.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t Flags
GUI_Display_t Display
GUI_Display_t DisplayTemp
GUI_HANDLE_p WindowActive
GUI_HANDLE_p FocusedWidget
GUI_HANDLE_p FocusedWidgetPrev
GUI_LinkedListRoot_t Root
GUI_LinkedListRoot_t RootFonts
__GUI_TouchData_t TouchOld
__GUI_TouchData_t Touch
GUI_HANDLE_p ActiveWidget
GUI_HANDLE_p ActiveWidgetPrev
GUI_EventCallback_t EventCb
uint8_t Initialized

Detailed Description

GUI main object structure.

Field Documentation

GUI_HANDLE_p ActiveWidget

Pointer to widget currently active by touch

GUI_HANDLE_p ActiveWidgetPrev

Previously active widget

GUI_Display_t Display

Clipping management

GUI_Display_t DisplayTemp

Clipping for widgets for drawing and touch

Pointer to global GUI event callback function

uint32_t Flags

Core GUI flags management

GUI_HANDLE_p FocusedWidget

Pointer to focused widget for keyboard events if any

GUI_HANDLE_p FocusedWidgetPrev

Pointer to previously focused widget

uint8_t Initialized

Status indicating GUI is initialized


LCD low-level settings

Low-level drawing routines for LCD

Root linked list of widgets

Root linked list of font widgets

Software structure management

Current touch data and processing tool

Old touch data, used for event management

GUI_HANDLE_p WindowActive

Pointer to currently active window when creating new widgets