EasyGUI  Version v1.0
GUI_t Struct Reference

GUI main object structure. More...

#include <gui_private.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t Flags
GUI_Display_t Display
GUI_Display_t DisplayTemp
GUI_HANDLE_p WindowActive
GUI_HANDLE_p FocusedWidget
GUI_HANDLE_p FocusedWidgetPrev
GUI_LinkedListRoot_t Root
GUI_LinkedListRoot_t RootFonts
__GUI_TouchData_t TouchOld
__GUI_TouchData_t Touch
GUI_HANDLE_p ActiveWidget
GUI_HANDLE_p ActiveWidgetPrev
GUI_EventCallback_t EventCb
uint8_t Initialized

Detailed Description

GUI main object structure.

Field Documentation

◆ ActiveWidget

GUI_HANDLE_p ActiveWidget

Pointer to widget currently active by touch

◆ ActiveWidgetPrev

GUI_HANDLE_p ActiveWidgetPrev

Previously active widget

◆ Display

GUI_Display_t Display

Clipping management

◆ DisplayTemp

GUI_Display_t DisplayTemp

Clipping for widgets for drawing and touch

◆ EventCb

Pointer to global GUI event callback function

◆ Flags

uint32_t Flags

Core GUI flags management

◆ FocusedWidget

GUI_HANDLE_p FocusedWidget

Pointer to focused widget for keyboard events if any

◆ FocusedWidgetPrev

GUI_HANDLE_p FocusedWidgetPrev

Pointer to previously focused widget

◆ Initialized

uint8_t Initialized

Status indicating GUI is initialized



LCD low-level settings

◆ LL

Low-level drawing routines for LCD

◆ Root

Root linked list of widgets

◆ RootFonts

Root linked list of font widgets

◆ Timers

Software structure management

◆ Touch

Current touch data and processing tool

◆ TouchOld

Old touch data, used for event management

◆ WindowActive

GUI_HANDLE_p WindowActive

Pointer to currently active window when creating new widgets