EasyGUI  v0.1
Platform independent GUI Library
GUI_WIDGET_t Struct Reference

Structure for each widget type. More...

#include <gui_defs.h>

Data Fields

const GUI_CharName
uint16_t Size
uint32_t Flags
const GUI_Color_tColors
uint8_t ColorsCount

Detailed Description

Structure for each widget type.

Field Documentation

Pointer to control function, returns 1 if command handled or 0 if not

const GUI_Color_t* Colors

Pointer to list of colors as default values for widget

uint8_t ColorsCount

Number of colors used in widget

uint32_t Flags

List of flags for widget setup. This field can use Widget type flags flags

const GUI_Char* Name

Widget name for display purpose

uint16_t Size

Bytes required for widget memory allocation