EasyGUI  Version v1.0
GUI_StringRectVars_t Struct Reference

Data Fields

uint32_t ch
uint32_t lastCh
GUI_iDim_t cW
size_t cnt
size_t SpaceIndex
size_t SpaceCount
GUI_iDim_t SpaceWidth
const GUI_CharSpacePtr
size_t CharsIndex
size_t CharsCount
GUI_iDim_t CharsWidth
const GUI_CharCharsPtr
uint8_t IsLineFeed
uint8_t Final
uint8_t IsBreak

Field Documentation

◆ CharsCount

size_t CharsCount

Number of non-space characters in sequence

◆ CharsIndex

size_t CharsIndex

Index number of non-space sequence start

◆ CharsPtr

const GUI_Char* CharsPtr

Pointer to chars start sequence

◆ CharsWidth

GUI_iDim_t CharsWidth

Width of characters after last space detected

◆ cnt

size_t cnt

Current count in line

◆ cW

Current line width

◆ Final

uint8_t Final

Status indicating we should do line check and finish

◆ IsBreak

uint8_t IsBreak

Status indicating break occurred

◆ IsLineFeed

uint8_t IsLineFeed

Status indicating character is line feed

◆ lastCh

uint32_t lastCh

Current and previous characters

◆ s

Pointer to input string

◆ SpaceCount

size_t SpaceCount

Number of spaces in last sequence

◆ SpaceIndex

size_t SpaceIndex

Index number of last space sequence start

◆ SpacePtr

const GUI_Char* SpacePtr

Pointer to space start sequence

◆ SpaceWidth

GUI_iDim_t SpaceWidth

Width of last space sequence