EasyGUI  v0.1
Platform independent GUI Library
GUI_LCD_t Struct Reference

GUI LCD structure. More...

#include <gui_defs.h>

Data Fields

GUI_Dim_t Width
GUI_Dim_t Height
uint8_t PixelSize
size_t LayersCount
uint32_t Flags

Detailed Description

GUI LCD structure.

Field Documentation

GUI_Layer_t* ActiveLayer

Active layer number currently shown to LCD

GUI_Layer_t* DrawingLayer

Currently active drawing layer

uint32_t Flags

List of flags

GUI_Dim_t Height

LCD height in units of pixels

GUI_Layer_t* Layers

Pointer to layers

size_t LayersCount

Number of layers used for LCD and drawings

uint8_t PixelSize

Number of bytes per pixel

GUI_Dim_t Width

LCD width in units of pixels