EasyGUI  Version v1.0
GUI_HANDLE_p Struct Reference

Common GUI values for widgets. More...

#include <gui_defs.h>

Data Fields

GUI_LinkedList_t List
uint32_t Footprint
const GUI_WIDGET_tWidget
struct GUI_HANDLEParent
float X
float Y
float Width
float Height
uint32_t Padding
int32_t ZIndex
uint8_t Transparency
uint32_t Flags
GUI_Const GUI_FONT_tFont
size_t TextMemSize
size_t TextCursor
void * UserData

Detailed Description

Common GUI values for widgets.

Handle object for GUI widget.

Handle object for GUI widget

Field Documentation

◆ Callback

Callback function prototype

◆ Colors

GUI_Color_t* Colors

Pointer to allocated color memory when custom colors are used

◆ Flags

uint32_t Flags

All possible flags for specific widget

◆ Font

Font used for widget drawings

◆ Footprint

uint32_t Footprint

Footprint indicates widget is valid

◆ Height

float Height

Object height in units of pixels or percentages

◆ Id

Widget ID number

◆ List

Linked list entry, must always be on top for casting

◆ Padding

uint32_t Padding

4-bytes long padding, each byte of one side, MSB = top padding, LSB = left padding. Used for children widgets if virtual padding should be used

◆ Parent

struct GUI_HANDLE* Parent

Pointer to parent widget

◆ Text

GUI_Char* Text

Pointer to widget text if exists

◆ TextCursor

size_t TextCursor

Text cursor position

◆ TextMemSize

size_t TextMemSize

Number of bytes for text when dynamically allocated

◆ Timer

GUI_TIMER_t* Timer

Software timer pointer

◆ Transparency

uint8_t Transparency

Widget transparency relative to parent widget

◆ UserData

void* UserData

Pointer to optional user data

◆ Widget

const GUI_WIDGET_t* Widget

Widget parameters with callback functions

◆ Width

float Width

Object width in units of pixels or percentages

◆ X

float X

Object X position relative to parent window in units of pixels

◆ Y

float Y

Object Y position relative to parent window in units of pixels

◆ ZIndex

int32_t ZIndex

Z-Index value of widget, which can be set by user. All widgets with same z-index are changeable when active on visible area