EasyGUI  v0.1
Platform independent GUI Library
GUI_HANDLE_p Struct Reference

Common GUI values for widgets. More...

#include <gui_defs.h>

Data Fields

GUI_LinkedList_t List
uint32_t Footprint
const GUI_WIDGET_tWidget
struct GUI_HANDLEParent
float X
float Y
float Width
float Height
uint32_t Padding
int32_t ZIndex
uint8_t Transparency
uint32_t Flags
GUI_Const GUI_FONT_tFont
size_t TextMemSize
size_t TextCursor
void * UserData

Detailed Description

Common GUI values for widgets.

Handle object for GUI widget.

Field Documentation

Callback function prototype

GUI_Color_t* Colors

Pointer to allocated color memory when custom colors are used

uint32_t Flags

All possible flags for specific widget

Font used for widget drawings

uint32_t Footprint

Footprint indicates widget is valid

float Height

Object height in units of pixels or percentages

Widget ID number

Linked list entry, must always be on top for casting

uint32_t Padding

4-bytes long padding, each byte of one side, MSB = top padding, LSB = left padding. Used for children widgets if virtual padding should be used

struct GUI_HANDLE* Parent

Pointer to parent widget

GUI_Char* Text

Pointer to widget text if exists

size_t TextCursor

Text cursor position

size_t TextMemSize

Number of bytes for text when dynamically allocated

GUI_TIMER_t* Timer

Software timer pointer

uint8_t Transparency

Transparency of widget relative to parent widget

void* UserData

Pointer to optional user data

const GUI_WIDGET_t* Widget

Widget parameters with callback functions

float Width

Object width in units of pixels or percentages

float X

Object X position relative to parent window in units of pixels

float Y

Object Y position relative to parent window in units of pixels

int32_t ZIndex

Z-Index value of widget, which can be set by user. All widgets with same z-index are changeable when active on visible area