EasyGUI  v0.1
Platform independent GUI Library
GUI_DROPDOWN_t Struct Reference

Dropdown object structure. More...

#include <gui_dropdown.h>

Data Fields

GUI_iDim_t OldY
GUI_iDim_t OldHeight
int16_t Count
int16_t Selected
int16_t VisibleStartIndex
GUI_LinkedListRoot_t Root
GUI_Dim_t SliderWidth
uint8_t Flags

Detailed Description

Dropdown object structure.

Field Documentation

GUI handle object, must always be first on list

int16_t Count

Current number of strings attached to this widget

uint8_t Flags

Widget flags

GUI_iDim_t OldHeight

Height value register before widget opened

GUI_iDim_t OldY

Y coordinate register before widget opened

Root of linked list entries

int16_t Selected

Selected text index

GUI_Dim_t SliderWidth

Slider width in units of pixels

int16_t VisibleStartIndex

Index in array of string on top of visible area of widget