EasyGUI  Version v1.0
Low-level layer


uint8_t gui_ll_init (gui_lcd_t *LCD, gui_ll_t *LL)
 Initialize LCD low-level display driver. More...
uint8_t gui_ll_control (gui_lcd_t *LCD, GUI_LL_Command_t cmd, void *param, void *result)
 Send command to for LCD from GUI. More...

Detailed Description

Function Documentation

◆ gui_ll_control()

uint8_t gui_ll_control ( gui_lcd_t LCD,
GUI_LL_Command_t  cmd,
void *  param,
void *  result 

Send command to for LCD from GUI.

[in,out]LCDPointer to gui_lcd_t structure with LCD properties
[in]cmdCommand to be executed. This parameter can be a value of GUI_LL_Command_t enumeration
[in]paramOptional data included in command. Check GUI_LL_Command_t enumeration what is used for each command
[out]resultResult from command
1 on success, 0 otherwise

◆ gui_ll_init()

uint8_t gui_ll_init ( gui_lcd_t LCD,
gui_ll_t LL 

Initialize LCD low-level display driver.

  • Set up width and height
  • Set up number of layers for drawing
  • Set up drawing functions
[in,out]LCDPointer to gui_lcd_t structure for LCD properties
[in,out]LLPointer to gui_ll_t structure with drawing functions
1 on success, 0 otherwise