EasyGUI  Version v1.0
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
 C__GUI_KeyboardData_tInternal single key data structure
 C__GUI_TouchData_tInternal touch structure used for widget callbacks
 CGUI_BUFFER_tBuffer structure
 CGUI_BUTTON_tGUI button structure
 CGUI_CHECKBOX_tCheckbox object structure
 CGUI_CONTAINER_tContainer object structure
 CGUI_DIALOG_tDialog object structure
 CGUI_Display_tGUI clipping management
 CGUI_DRAW_FONT_tStructure for drawing strings on widgets
 CGUI_DRAW_Poly_tPoly line object coordinates
 CGUI_DRAW_SB_tScroll bar structure
 CGUI_DROPDOWN_ITEM_tDropdown string item object
 CGUI_DROPDOWN_tDropdown object structure
 CGUI_EDITTEXT_tGUI EDIT TEXT widget structure
 CGUI_FONT_CharEntry_tChar temporary entry stored in RAM for faster copy with blending operations
 CGUI_FONT_CharInfo_tGUI FONT character information
 CGUI_FONT_tFONT structure for writing usage
 CGUI_Gradient_tColor gradient definition
 CGUI_GRAPH_DATA_tGraph data widget structure
 CGUI_GRAPH_tGraph widget structure
 CGUI_HANDLE_pCommon GUI values for widgets
 CGUI_HANDLE_ROOT_tCommon GUI values for widgets who can have children widgets (windows, panels)
 CGUI_IMAGE_DESC_tImage descriptor structure
 CGUI_IMAGE_tImage widget structure
 CGUI_KeyboardData_tSingle key data structure
 CGUI_Layer_tLCD layer structure
 CGUI_LCD_tGUI LCD structure
 CGUI_LED_tLED object structure
 CGUI_LinkedList_tLinked list structure
 CGUI_LinkedListMulti_tStructure used for dynamic struct allocation
 CGUI_LinkedListRoot_tLinked list root structure for start and end widget in structure
 CGUI_LISTBOX_ITEM_tLISTBOX string item object
 CGUI_LISTBOX_tLISTBOX object structure
 CGUI_LISTVIEW_COL_tListview column item
 CGUI_LISTVIEW_ITEM_tListview string item object
 CGUI_LISTVIEW_ROW_tListview main row item
 CGUI_LISTVIEW_tListview object structure
 CGUI_LL_tGUI Low-Level structure for drawing operations
 CGUI_PROGBAR_tProgress bar widget structure
 CGUI_RADIO_tRadio object structure
 CGUI_SLIDER_tSLIDER object structure
 CGUI_STRING_tString structure for parsing characters
 CGUI_STRING_UNICODE_tUNICODE processing information structure
 CGUI_tGUI main object structure
 CGUI_TEXTVIEW_tDropdown object structure
 CGUI_TIMER_CORE_tCore timer structure for GUI timers
 CGUI_TIMER_tTimer structure
 CGUI_TouchData_tSingle touch data structure
 CGUI_TRANSLATE_Language_tTranslation language structure
 CGUI_TRANSLATE_tBasic translation structure for internal use
 CGUI_WIDGET_Param_tStructure used in setting and getting parameter values from widgets using callbacks
 CGUI_WIDGET_PARAM_tStructure of input parameters for widget callback
 CGUI_WIDGET_RESULT_tStructure of output results for widget callback
 CGUI_WIDGET_tStructure for each widget type
 CGUI_WINDOW_tWindow object structure
 Cmem_region_tSingle memory region descriptor