GSM AT commands parser  v0.5
Platform independent AT commands parser for SIMcom GSM modules
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
 CBUFFER_tBuffer structure
 CGSM_Battery_tBattery informations
 CGSM_CallInfo_tCall information structure
 CGSM_CONN_tConnection structure for GSM
 CGSM_Date_tTime structure
 CGSM_DateTime_tDate and time structure
 CGSM_EventParams_tParameters for callback processing
 CGSM_FTP_tFTP structure for GSM
 CGSM_GPS_tGSM GPS location over GPRS
 CGSM_HTTP_tHTTP structure for GSM
 CGSM_LL_Send_tStructure for sending data to low-level part
 CGSM_LL_tLow level structure for driver
 CGSM_OP_tNetwork operator structure
 CGSM_PB_Entry_tPhonebook entry item
 CGSM_SMS_Entry_tSMS item
 CGSM_SMS_tSMS structure for send message
 CGSM_SmsInfo_tSMS information structure
 CGSM_tGSM structure
 CGSM_Time_tTime structure