ESP8266 AT Commands parser  v2.2
Platform independent ESP8266 AT Commands parser library for embedded systems
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
 CBUFFER_tBuffer structure
 CESP_AP_tAP station structure to use when searching for network
 CESP_APConfig_tAccess point configuration
 CESP_CONN_tConnection structure
 CESP_ConnectedAP_tConnected AP structure
 CESP_ConnectedStation_tStructure for connected station to softAP to ESP module
 CESP_DateTime_tDate and time structure
 CESP_DNS_tSNTP config structure
 CESP_Domain_tDNS structure
 CESP_EventParams_tParameters for callback processing
 CESP_GPIO_tGPIO configuration structure
 CESP_IPD_tIPD network data structure
 CESP_LL_Send_tStructure for sending data to low-level part
 CESP_LL_tLow level structure for driver
 CESP_SNTP_tSNTP config structure
 CESP_tMain ESP8266 working structure