Tilen MAJERLE, M.Sc.
Tilen Majerle
Tilen MAJERLE, M.Sc.
Field Application Engineer at STMicroelectronics
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Featured by me
  • EasyGUI - Simple and easy to use graphical user interface for embedded systems
  • IC Locker - Full featured online component storage
  • STM32F4-Discovery.net - A full featured website with tutorials and libraries for STM32 series of ARM embedded systems
  • ESP8266 AT parser - Platform independent, ANSI C, AT commands parser for ESP8266 WiFi device for embedded systems
  • GSM AT parser - Platform independent, ANSI C, AT commands parer for SIMcom's GSM modules for embedded systems
  • GPS NMEA parser - Platform independent, ANSI C, GPS NMEA standard output for embedded systems
Things I'm working with
  • Software
    • Advanced PHP7, MySQL5, HTML5, Javascript, CSS3, SASS user for web development
      • Laravel, CakePHP and SLIM PHP frameworks
      • Bootstrap 4, Semantic UI, jQuery 3 web based libraries
        • Custom jQuery plugins and extensions
      • Font awesome
    • Java, XML for Android development.
      • Views management on activities and fragments
      • Low-level communication (USB), networking
      • Databases (SQLite), syncing with clouds, content providers
      • Communication between applications using services, pipelines and messengers
    • Senior C user for PC development and embedded systems including ARM Cortex-M processors
      • Expert with STM32 microcontrollers, featuring my own blog and libraries with included tutorials
    • C++ for PC only applications
    • Matlab/Simulink software mainly for signal processing
    • Python for PC and RaspberryPI applications
    • Basic linux knowledge
    • Labview
  • Hardware
    • Autodesk Inventor for 3D modeling
    • Altium Designer 16 for full PCB development
    • ARM based PCB with high speed circuits
    • Spice for analog circuit simulation
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